My eyes are hurting and I feel exhausted. It’s my second day to work and the first one full-time dedicated to my thesis. I’ve read a book about qualitative research, attended a meeting with participants from Nairobi & Dakar, and sketched a work plan for the coming weeks. I came to work 8.30am, it’s 5pm, and the day just completely sneaked past me.

Yesterday I had studied the rider tool of the Washington transit authority, changed buses beside an impressive Chinatown gate, and walked around 15 minutes after I realized my workplace was located just opposite the bus stop in the Organization of American States building. First time I passed the building ignorantly wondering for what the US states need such a major organization housed in such a large building. Apparently they don’t, as concluding from the flags on top of the entrance, states actually refers to countries.

After the mandatory practical arrangements and introductions to everyone in the office my new colleagues took me to lunch to the World Bank building just next door. Development Gateway was an initiative by World Bank, and so we are granted with an access to their food court. Some people consider the lunch of about 4,5 euros too expensive and enjoy their microwave/home cooked meals in the office kitchen instead. I have a strong feeling that I won’t be among them.

After lunch we got some proper espresso for my two Italian colleagues and they showed me the neighborhood. “Bruce Willis is filming his new movie, so you have to go around for White House”, told the guard at the nearest entrance. So we went around and I was a bit disappointed. In real life the White House is actually quite small. I had imagined something like the Helsinki Cathedral, and it’s more like.. well, just a white house in the middle of a park.