My new home is a row house in northeast Washington.

home street

The house is a few steps down from H street, one of the nightlife hotspots of Washington. H street is dotted with bars, restaurants and businesses, and during my first three first weeks I’ve grown to like it lots. Despite the area quickly becoming trendier, it has retained its strong character, and there are still dollar stores and credit union shops between the more fashionable places. My neighborhood more diverse than the fancy office area where I work with the tens of thousands other white business people, and it’s more cozy and somehow genuine than U street and 18th in northwest Washington, “where everyone goes”.

Neighborhood identity is a big thing in here. There’s at least two very comprehensive blogs about my area, featuring everything from the schedule of the street construction to bar reviews. Today the whole neighborhood gathered for an annual street festival. The children’s fashion show took place next door to the boxing show; there were small booths selling foods from different parts of the world, a tattoo competition, music in two stages, beer terraces, art, and an air guitar show competition.

Fashion show

Air guitar competition

This is made by a guy who was a scientist for 20 years, and was 'reborn' as an artist

help someone now

DC tattoo was my favorite

h street sunset