I spent the second weekend of November in Toronto. It was Canadian thanksgiving, and I got to try the traditional pumpkin pie on a dinner in the countryside, hang out in the trendy cafes of Bloor street and chill out the Sunday afternoon in Kensington market.

Before leaving Washington, I was feeling that my research mishmash of IT, development, sociology, systems thinking, knowledge management, and who knows what, would never make any sense.

Feeling like a mad scientist who had spent too long in her isolated chamber, I landed to Toronto and met my good friend.

And somehow the combination of just explaining my research proposition, literature review findings, and my initial thoughts of the future to my friend’s brother during early morning hours after a very fun night, to his mom over a brunch, and to him while reading my work, took away the anxiety.

It’s been ten days since then, and I’ve today presented the first 60 pages at a Skype thesis seminar session to my fellow students in Helsinki. And in the meanwhile, I’ve written some 20 pages more, including a proposition of how to solve my research problem. I’m finally feeling like uphill is over, and now it’s just to slide down!