My master’s thesis has been quite a journey.

A year and a half ago I travelled to Kenya and came up with a topic I really wanted to work with.

trip to thika, kenya, may 2009

Getting going with the topic wasn’t that easy. Despite my efforts no Finnish organization seemed really interested in collaborating with me.

trying to catch a taxi in toronto, october 2010

I kept looking, and finally found an organization in US working in an area very relevant for my topic.

manly beach, sydney, nov 2010

I was very happy when they invited me on board!

But then I got a job offer from the Embassy of Finland in Nigeria and decided to postpone starting my thesis by 6 months.

in gurara falls, abuja, nigeria, early 2010

When the autumn came I was all excited to finally start working my my topic.

kap verde, summer 2009


I worked a lot and think I was the worst company for anyone wanting to talk of anything else than my topic.

a trail near Ayers rock, middle of australia

I was just so excited of exploring my topic and learning new things!

Although some days the work didn’t attract me that much

some days I realized I just had to correct my direction

ayers rock

and some days it felt like such a mess that I wasn’t sure if there would be any direction at all.

But now I’m finalizing my work and it feels really strange – the end of this journey is evidently approaching.

Very sincere thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me!